Probeta Magazine is a cultural magazine of Contemporary Art in connection with science and technology. We are editorially independent  and work under a crowdfunding  and paid collaborations system.
This magazine was born in 2016 during the Master Studies in Cultural Project Management at La Fábrica.

We want to arouse your curiosity. We seek to feed your thirst for the art that makes us reflect, learn and be inspired. We are an interdisciplinary magazine of cultural communication. Our contents cover different artistic disciplines (digital art, photography, installations, video art).

We are storytellers of news and reviews of exhibitions and festivals; we interview artists with a technological focus and experts in art and science.


Founder and Editor-in-chief: Sara García-Rodríguez
Graphic designer and IT: Iván Arpón


The connection and vibrant dialogue between disciplines defines us. Our collaborators are professionals from the art history, the scientific research or the cultural journalism.

Carita Pettersson (Installations)
Rob Lea (Visual arts)
Aida Vanrell-Ramos (Microdialogues)
Alejandro Romar (Discoveries)
Mickael Stephen Barrios Coronado (Refreshing)
Andrea García-Casal (Installations)
Luis Monje (Photography)
Anne Burke (Visual Arts)


Probeta Mag is aimed at an audience interested in contemporary art in connection with current topics of science and technology. Among our followers and readers are artists, cultural and art managers, lovers of experimental art, popular science professionals or restless minds.

We receive visits from Spain, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Chile or Colombia (latest updated data from Google Search Console, April 2024).