Probeta Mag is a different way of approaching contemporary art. It is your media channel of reference to understand the science and technology that surrounds us from an artistic and inspiring angle.

This magazine is born of the parallel paths that artistic experimentation shares with scientific research. Art in connection with science.

A “probeta” (test tube) is an instrument of experimentation, a laboratory tool, a sample of any substance or material to prove its elasticity and resistance. It is also a shallow vessel, used by photographers in the process of analogue development.

This relationship between experimentation, experience, revealing, discovering, inspiring and surprising are the key words that define the vision of this cultural prescriber in contemporary art and science that is born today.

“I think that the role of the artist is really, as much as a scientist, to define what life is and what life can be. there is an urgency for artists to be at the table with other people who are making the important decisions about civilization as we know it, and not to take some sort of ancillary role as entertainers. Because art can actually do so much in leading the conversation”

Anicka Yi, resident artist at the MIT Arts Center for Art, Science and Technology


Image credit: © Johan Rijpma