The “Drifter”, the centrepiece of Studio Drift’s latest exhibition “Elemental”, requires daily maintenance. The staff of the Helsinki art museum Amos Rex is eager to inform visitors at the end of the usually long queue outside the museum entrance that they may be late for the “Drifter”. The famous concrete block will need a proper afternoon rest.

After the siesta the block will continue to perform the innate suggestive act expected from the exhibition, to force us to reflect, on how we connect, on the basic premise of life and how we master our environment.

The artist duo behind Studio Drift navigates the boundaries between art and technology with installations, film and sculpture. Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta founded Studio Drift in Amsterdam twelve years ago.

“All works featured are visually and conceptually linked by a module in the shape of a block with the proportions 1:1:2, modular by nature“, the exhibitors explained to Probeta Mag. Practically anything can be built with it. While on the ground the block is heavy,  adamant, immovable and inflexible. In the air it moves freely, releasing itself from gravity, starting to connect.

The focus in “Elemental” is set upon the “Drifter”, a symbol of human systems as the very single entity. It is a concrete block hanging unattached in the air, extremely light and extremely heavy at the same time. “The exhibition delves into the world of single entities attaching themselves to larger contexts and the basic premise from which all living operates”. The exhibition is open until next May 19th.

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