This cultural magazine was born during the 4th edition of the Master in Cultural Management of La Fábrica in Madrid (Spain). Sara García-Rodríguez, journalist and cultural manager, is the founder and editor-in-chief of Probeta Mag. The team is made up of professionals who are passionate about science and contemporary art in all its forms and colors.


We are born with an international and collaborative vocation. We want to arouse your curiosity. Probeta Mag is aimed at an audience interested in knowing more about the science and technology of our daily lives. Among our followers and readers are artists of technological and scientific approach, cultural managers, science dissemination experts, restless minds and lovers of experimental art.

We seek to surprise and marvel you. And discover that we can all have culture in science, as much as in politics, sports or celebrities.

Editor-in-chief + reporter of Visual Arts / Microdialogues: Sara García-Rodríguez
Graphic designer: Iván Arpón
Astrophotography: Alejandro Romar
Visual arts: Rob Lea
Installations: Carita Pettersson

Luis Monje (Photography)
Anne Burke (Visual Arts)

Aspa Contemporary gallery

LEV Festival

Ars Electronica Festival

FEAT art platform

Fundación Contemporánea